NOVAhush Acoustic Wall Covering

Mammoth™ NOVAhush Acoustic wall covering is 100% polyester and designed to be used as an interior surface lining in commercial or residential spaces to help reduce noise reverberation.

Mammoth NOVAhush Acoustic Wall Covering is suitable for walls in classrooms, libraries and office spaces as it provides an attractive, durable and hard wearing surface that helps reduce noise levels and create a better acoustic environment.

The composition of our wall covering is a 100% polyester backing which is flame-bonded to a coloured 100% polyester facing.  The six standard colours allow for contrast, inlays and borders.

NOVAhush Acoustic Wall covering gained the supreme Group 1S rating under ISO9705 Fire test, making it a versatile and safe choice for any surface covering.

For installation the  NOVAhush backing has a superior level of flexibility to easily wrap around bends, pillars and corners without compromising acoustic performance.



  • Affordable acoustic wall covering
  • Effective noise reduction.
  • Safe to use as an interior surface liner.
  • Easy to install, and wraps around most corners without trimming the backing.
  • Suitable for drawing pins and hook/loop velcroe fasteners.
  • Odourless, non-irritant with no added chemicals.
  • No precautions are required for handling the product – it will not cause irritation when touched.
  • Manufactured using fibres from recycled plastic bottles.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Backing manufactured in New Zealand.
  • Backing manufactured by a carboNZero certified organisation.

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