Bossfire Fyrebox Multi-service Transit

Multi-Service Cable Transit.
Protecting clusters of electrical, data, comms cables, cable trays, conduit and metal pipes from fire and smoke.
Tested to AS1530.4 (2014)


  • Provides all typical apartment services 2hrs protection from fire and smoke
  • Lowers installation cost of apartment firestopping
  • Requires just a single firestop installer to guarantee compliance across all services
  • Simple installation method, saves times and cost
  • Makes AS1851 periodic maintenance inspections simple and reliable
  • Services can be easily added or removed after installation, without removing the FyreBox or compromising existing services
  • Saves space in tight areas, such as above doorways at apartment entries

The new generation of the BOSS FyreBox is now tested and approved for over 120 minutes on the full range of mixed services used in high rise apartment construction. Designed to allow multiple services to all pass through one single, fire rated enclosure, the BOSS FyreBox is the only tested and proven method of protecting the full range of apartment services through a 2hr single aperture.

Services that can be installed clustered together include:

  • Steel sprinkler pipe up to 38mm
  • Copper pipe up to 25mm
  • uPVC / NBN conduit up to 25mm
  • Multiple PEX pipes for water supply and return
  • PEX-AL gas pipe – Copper insulated paircoil up to 9.5mm/16mm
  • Mains cables up to 10mm²
  • TPS multicore power cables up to 2.5mm²
  • Security cable
  • EWIS cable
  • Intercom
  • CAT6 data cable – MATV coax cable

The BOSS FyreBox Multi-Service Cable Transit consists of an advanced intumescent and high performance fire seal, coupled with BOSS’ unique design of smoke rated brushes to provide an industry-leading level of protection. The BOSS FyreBox benefits from the same advanced intumescent technology as the best-in-category BOSS FireMastic HPE intumescent sealant.



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