FireMastic 300

FireMastic-300 intumescent Fire-Rated Acrylic Sealant is a one part acrylic emulsion that is designed to resist the passage of fire, smoke and sound. FireMastic-300 will intumesce and form a char when exposed to the heat of a fire, which will prevent the passage of fire and smoke for up to 5 hours in both integrity and insulation. In normal use it will also maintain the sound reduction index of a structure.

FireMastic-300’s superior acoustic properties means it offers up to a 63dB sound reduction, making it ideal for high performance STC installation.

Key benefits

  • High performance 5 hours fire rated mastic
  • Intumescent
  • Up to a 63dB sound reduction
  • High yield, double the usage of most sealants
  • Available in 310ml cartridge or 600ml foil sausages


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