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When there is no room for compromise, Quietspace® Panel is the best solution for superior sound absorption without it being obvious. Quietspace Panel has been engineered to absorb a minimum of 85% of the sound energy it meets. This means annoying and distracting noise no longer feels that way. Intentionally designed in three of the most common interior colours; black, grey and white, Quietspace Panel can easily blend into ceilings and walls to simply do its job.

But if you would like to turn your acoustics into a design element without losing the performance, simply use the ultimate upgrade; and combine with Autex Vertiface®. Face your panels in any of our colours to create full feature walls or custom shapes and designs.
Anything is possible. Available in 25mm and 50mm there’s no acoustic challenge Quietspace Panel can’t meet.

• High performance acoustic panel for commercial interior sound control with a sophisticated appeal
• Refined acoustic surface for framed modular office partition panelling
• Direct fixed to ceilings
• Wall covering with exceptional absorption of reverberated noise
• Functional acoustic wall covering for retail and commercial interiors
• A decorative feature with custom cut options available

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