E Series 132

Potter Interior Systems’ new series of partitioning systems incorporates a number of new design elements and is still interchangeable with existing systems.

E Series 132 provides an edgeline glazing and twin-glazing design with clean lines to provide a clean look to your partition system. E Series 132 gives a standard detail of 132mm x 25mm.

The system has the following options available:

  • Can accommodate glass thicknesses 6mm – 13mm.
  • Door thicknesses of 38mm – 50mm can be used.
  • Standard wall size based around 92mm steel stud with one layer of plaster board on each side.

All our aluminium partition suites carry the Declare label.
Final Assembly: New Zealand. Life Expectancy: 50+ years.
End of of Life Options: 100% Reusable/Recyclable.

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