Health benefits of an
acoustically balanced space

Good building acoustics are becoming increasingly important in today’s architecture and design as it supports the overall atmosphere created for users. Being able to control noise and sound also has a great impact on health and wellbeing, along with an increase in productivity.

Minimising the transmission of noise from one space to another while controlling the sound itself can be very important for all types of offices, education, health care and public venues – the fact is, good acoustics are important in almost any setting.

Benefits of Acoustic Treatments

  • Decreasing stress and anxiety levels, with increased well-being
  • Aiding in concentration and boosting productivity
  • Assist learning and concentration through better listening
  • Improving communication with higher quality interactions
  • Reducing or minimizing hypertension
  • Preserving hearing while maximizing the enjoyment of spaces
  • Improve speech privacy in private meeting areas
  • Creating an ambient space that enhances mood and aesthetics

Whether we’re conscious of it or not, we are always listening to the environment around us. The sounds we take in impact our ability to perform, interact and thrive. For this reason, we need to create an acoustic environment that is as comfortable as possible.

An acoustic treatment seeks to improve the sound transmission from one space to another by absorbing the sound waves within a room. Acoustic Ceiling Tiles are an easy and effective way to reduce the echo in a noisy environment, and our range of AMF Thermatex Acoustic suspended ceiling tiles provide:

  • Excellent balanced acoustics
  • High sound absorption (NRC 0.70)
  • Excellent sound attenuation (40dB)
  • Damage resistant, smooth laminated surface
  • High light reflective finish (LR 0.88)
  • ISO 3 Clean Room Performance
  • 3rd party certified sustainable performance
  • Ideal for offices, meeting rooms, libraries and classrooms

Explore and discover our collection that will bring the perfect balance of acoustic performance and design, creating the optimum environment for your next project.

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