Selecting the best
whiteboard surface

Whiteboards are key to nearly every office and learning space. No matter the technology progression, nothing can quite replace the quintessential whiteboard surface. Vision whiteboard surfaces facilitate collaboration in bringing people and ideas together and make sharing visual information easy in learning, educational and informative environments. The development of our whiteboard systems means there are a range of modern options to suit your aesthetic needs.

With our vast range, determining what whiteboard surface is the best solution for the situation is worth considering. Will it be for personal use in an office, a breakout area or meeting room, a teaching or learning space, or in a public area for messages and notices? With a strong focus on adaptable, dual purpose spaces, we can provide an aptitude of solutions customisable to your space and project.

At Potter Interior Systems we manufacture our Vision board range locally in our facility in Auckland. All our whiteboard surfaces are high quality porcelain on steel – which is one of the most durable available, creating a surface that is unmatched in the industry. The lifespan of one porcelain on steel whiteboard will outlast six melamine surfaced boards and is backed by our quality guarantee.

All our whiteboards are strong, consistent and enduring, they will neither scratch nor corrode and are magnetic receptive for extra functionality. The ultra smooth writing surface allows ease of use with whiteboard markers, eliminates ghosting, improves erasibility and enhances visibility with low light reflection. As a result, cleaning is easier, maintenance is minimal and life cycle costs are dramatically reduced. Our Vision whiteboards furthermore carry the environmental Declare labelling, being red list free.

Also worth considering, is how and where your whiteboard surface will be used.  Will your whiteboard surface be utilised in the one space, static in a certain area, or a complete wall for high creativity and complex idea development.  Maybe it needs to be versatile and move across multiple spaces, or be dual use with technology? The Vision brand takes pride in being adaptable in nature and able to deliver complete customised solutions for almost every situation and use.

The premium Vision whiteboards have multiple edge options depending on your design aesthetics and install requirements. Our Flatline whiteboards have a modern look and simple hidden fixing clips for easy installation. Our Edgeline whiteboard frame has a slim, clean minimalist look – great for floor to ceiling boards or a wall of porcelain. Potter Interior Systems can also manufacture whiteboard surfaces for furniture including tables and arrange for powder coated frames.

The Vision flexible whiteboards are a great way to add a mobile whiteboard to any space. The Unity Board with Z shape base is a versatile addition to any collaborative space. The steel frame is robust with heavy duty caster wheels that ensures the board can be manoeuvred with ease. The frame can be powdercoated to your colour of choice, and is doublesided with option for pinboard below. The Collab Board has an A frame with whiteboards and PVC trim. The Thought Board has the functionality of a traditional mobile whiteboard with pivoting board options.

Whiteboards allow thoughts and learnings, be it a picture, or a display of information where others can see them, process and further build upon. When everyone is sharing information together, they are communicating and learning together, increasing productivity and engagement. Talk to us today about your unique project be it a standard item, or custom option fit for purpose. If you need help getting started on what whiteboard options to choose or develop, contact us at orders@potters.co.nz

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