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Potter Interior Systems offer a number of ways to effectively improve acoustics in your office, retail or educational facility.

Heightened noise levels, especially those in modern open-plan offices, can cause distractions and an unproductive working environment. Sound seeps in through doors, walls, floors and ceilings and can seriously affect stress levels and office productivity. Potter Interior Systems offer a number of ways to effectively improve room acoustics.

Acoustic insulation

Polyester acoustic insulation blankets, acoustic panels inside partition walls, and baffle stack insulation above partition walls prevent noise transmission through plenum spaces between office spaces.

Acoustic partition walls

Potter aluminium partition and slider systems have been designed with acoustic performance in mind, with some of the latest profiles allowing for additional layers of plasterboard for higher STC rated partitions walls. Potters aluminium framed glass hinged, sliding and bi-folding doors allow for up to 13mm Hush glass, and can also be fitted with assorted acoustic seals as required.

Acoustic suspended flush ceilings

Excellence in design is achieved with a balance of aesthetics and functional performance. The Potter Interior Systems range of perforated plasterboard allows architects and designers to create beautiful ceilings and walls that achieve high levels of acoustic performance. The panel perforations together with acoustic fabric lining and insulation, where used, reduce echo and noise reverberation to create more comfortable environments.

Acoustic suspended grid and tile ceilings

Potter Interior Systems have an acoustic sound absorbing ceiling tile solution for all interior environments, including commodity ceiling tiles, cleanroom tiles, textured finish tiles, and reflective, high performance, specialty coloured or impact-resistant ceiling tiles.

Acoustic wall coverings

Better training and working environments can be created by introducing acoustic wall coverings. Potters has a great selection of lightweight acoustic wall coverings, tiles, baffles and stick-on wall coverings available in an extensive range of colours to suit any interior. Greatly improving room acoustics by absorbing noise and reducing indirect or reflected sound, these are a stylish addition to any space.

Technical solutions for building services

Specialty technical systems are specified and distributed by Potter Interior Systems to treat acoustic issues in and around building services. These include acoustic linings for air conditioning ducts, wrapping noisy fan units and the lagging of water and waste pipes with mass loaded barriers to prevent noise break out.

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