Trending Black Ceilings
in Commercial Spaces

What’s above your head can make a big impact within a space and black ceilings have become a popular choice for restaurants, offices, law firms and medical facilities.

Extremely versatile, black ceilings are a great way to add dimension and contrast to your space making a room appear larger and ceilings taller without spending too much money on expensive renovations or furniture upgrades.

The ceiling plays a major role in how a space’s style and mood come together, with black being ideal for creating a modern, sophisticated look.

When to consider ceiling black ceiling tiles:

  1. To match other elements in the room
    If there’s a lot of black elsewhere in the room, a black ceiling can tie things together and create a unified look.
  2. To make a room ceiling look larger
    When you can’t see the boundaries of a room, it can appear bigger.
  3. Exposed duct work A design element in its own right black ceiling tiles can be used to emphasise these impressive, eye-catching features.
  4. To define an area
    It can be hard distinguishing one space from another within an open floor plan and a black ceiling can easily do the trick.
  5. To add dramatic effect Black is definitely bold! You may have a very simple space but once you add black, you’ve added personality and flair that won’t go unnoticed.

From aesthetics to performance, Potters dedicated specification team can help architects and designers to provide the perfect solution.

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