BOSS Fire®
Transit Box

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The BOSS Fire® Transit Box is tested and approved for up to 120 minutes on a larger variety of services than ever before.
Whilst still offering a huge range of mixed services used in high rise apartment and hotel construction for SOU entries, the BOSS Fire® Transit Box is now also suitable for floors and ceilings.

Designed to allow multiple services to all pass through one single fire rated enclosure, the BOSS Fire® Transit Box is the only tested and proven method of fire stopping your services with such simplicity of installation and ease of compliance. Typical projects include apartments, hotels & student accommodation for SOU entries. The BOSS Fire Transit Box can also be used in commercial buildings such as data centres, hospitals and aged care facilities.

The BOSS Fire® Transit Box allows you to group various electrical, plumbing, HVAC+R services all through one easy to use and easily certified box. Because services trades don’t need to treat their services individually, risk is removed from using incorrect products or not having them installed correctly.

  1. Offers up to Industry leading 2 hour fire rating  (FRL -/120/120)
  2. 60min and 90min (FRL -/60/60 and -/90/90) configurations available without any requirement for thermal wraps.
  3. Approved for a wide range of walls, floors & ceilings
  4. Easy and cost effective installation saving up to 90% of installation time.
  5. Acoustic system rated to Rw50 – BCA compliant for apartment construction.
  6. Large range of tested and certified services for Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC trades.
  7. Tested and certified firestopping to AS1530.4-2014 and AS4072.1 for a variety of services.
  8. The BOSS Fire® Transit Box makes AS1851 periodic maintenance inspections simple and reliable.
  9. The unique BrushSeal™ offers future proofing construction design which ensures that services can be added or changed at later stages without any need for new firestopping measures.
  10. Services simply “pass through” with no need to cut individual holes, no is there  any need to cut any inserts or seal any individual service. The intumescent inside expands rapidly closing off the services in the event of a fire.


The BOSS Fire® Transit Box is easily fixed to the underside of concrete soffit before walls are built, or be installed into the wall during construction in a mid wall mount scenario. A range of fixing methods are available including retrofit options using equal angles. Recent additions to the range include retrofit options to concrete floor slabs and also ceiling approvals.

Once the box is installed, services simply “pass through” the box. There is no need to core individual penetrations for each service, or cutting any inserts, nor do you need to seal or treat every individual service. The unique BrushSeal™ allows services to be passed through the box at any time of construction, or even later after a project has been completed making it easier than ever for maintenance contractors and building managers to maintain fire compliance once the building is occupied.


The BOSS Fire® Transit Box contains an advanced high pressure intumescent internally that upon getting exposed to high temperatures, expands to create a superior performing fire seal. Coupled with the unique BOSS Fire® BrushSeal™ that is designed to make the installation and compliance simple, ultimately leading to an industry-leading level of protection.

Suitable for various projects and applications:

Certified services include:

Certified substrates include:

Please check the relevant fire certification to ensure the services, substrates and configurations meet your fire rating requirements.
For more information call our Technical Services team to discuss your project requirements.

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