Rigitone Matrix 8mm
Round Perforated Plasterboard

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Deliver an aesthetic impact and significantly improve acoustics with Rigitone Matrix 8mm Round Perforated Plasterboard.
The edge-to-edge pattern layout, unique installation method and benefits of Activ’Air make Rigitone a superior option.

Product Overview
Manufactured by worldwide plasterboard specialist, Saint-Gobain, Rigitone is purpose built to provide exceptional acoustic control with ultimate design freedom.
High levels of acoustic absorption are achieved through a combination of perforation patterns and a highly effective white acoustic fabric backing which also prevents dust from the ceiling entering the room and masks the ceiling framework.

Rigitone Matrix 8mm Round provides a pattern of 8mm round perforations at 18mm centres, providing a 15.5% open area.

Rigitone is specially designed to be screw fixed to suspended ceilings. Its unique installation method allows the product’s perforated pattern to continue undisrupted where sheets meet. Unlike the traditional three coat plasterboard jointing systems, Rigitone boards are jointed by directing a specialised compound into a gap between the sheets. The filling method is made possible by the unique Rigitone Filler Accessory Kit, combined with the Rigitone Filler compound. While all four edges of Rigitone sheets are pre-primed, cut edges must be sealed with Rigitone Primer prior to installation, readying the surface for the filler compound.

Activ’Air is a patented technology that converts formaldehyde into non-harmful inert compounds that are permanently locked in the board and cannot be released back into the air.

Perforated Plasterboard Installation Video


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