H1 Thermal Insulation met
with HVAC Systems

Through the use of specialty products, Potter Interior Systems offer compliant solutions to both H1 and C1 Clauses of the New Zealand Building Code with tested group numbers, thermal testing and certification from worldwide organisations such as Exova Warrington and Underwriters Laboratory.

Products including Kimmco Glass Wool Pipe Section and K-Flex Elastomeric Rubber Insulation feature proven R-Values to thermally insulate HVAC and process systems in New Zealand and around the world. Kimmco has a history of successful projects, from commercial buildings and dairy factories, to being used in the world’s tallest building (Burj Khalifa in Dubai). Kimmco has demonstrated proven solutions through a range of pipe insulation for many years in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, which comply with the New Zealand Building Code Clause H1 and the performance statement added since early 2009.

In a standard HVAC system — heating water piping with more than 65 kW heating capacity — it is recommended that the insulation R-Value is 0.7 when the pipe is located within a wall space, an enclosed sub-floor area or an enclosed roof space. To achieve this at 50°C, users would require a total insulation thickness of 25mm of Kimmco Pipe Section, however should the temperature increase the required thickness would also increase; for example at 100°C, 30mm would be the required thickness and users would use 38mm Kimmco Pipe Section to comply.

For cooling water piping for systems of more than 65 kWr capacity but less than 250 kWr capacity — again located within a wall space, an enclosed sub-floor area or an enclosed roof space — a higher R-Value of R 1.0 is needed to comply with H1. At 0°C, K-Flex Elastomeric Rubber achieves this with a single layer of 38mm tube or sheet.

Potter Interior Systems offer professional, helpful advice to clients to assist with complying with the Code when selecting insulation products that provide energy efficiency to ducting, hot and chilled water piping and heat exchangers, vessels and tanks used in HVAC systems.

Potter Interior Systems can further assist with providing advice to specifiers and facility managers on the prevention of damaging condensation on pipes, costly heat loss on equipment and also health and safety requirements of high temperature vessels and pipelines, whilst keeping in line with NZ and overseas standards.

Potter Interior Systems carry international brands such as K-Flex Elastomeric Rubber Insulation, Kimmco and Bradford Glass wool pipe sheet and blanket insulation, CSR Rockwool and Pyrotek acoustic products along with Firerated PIR foams and polyester products to name a few. Every requirement under the Building Code is covered when it comes to the protection and insulation of commercial build projects.

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