Thicker Glass Requirements for
Greater Acoustic Performance

Acoustic performance is of key importance to internal glazed partitions and door systems within commercial and educational buildings.

To achieve a higher STC rating between spaces, there is demand for the use of thicker high performing glass in our aluminium partition and door profiles.

Here at Potter Interior Systems, our standard partition glazing pockets can accommodate up to 13mm glass, while our standard 75mm and 100mm door stile profiles were originally designed to only allow for 9mm glass. This was mainly due to the weight of the glass and door sizing, and resulted in limiting the acoustic performance — that is, up until recently.

We’ve recently delivered an innovative solution to use larger 120mm door stiles for doors requiring 10-13mm thicker glass for higher acoustic performance. This has proven especially valuable for large sliding and bi-folding door systems that are often used for dividing spaces between commercial offices, boardrooms, meeting rooms, school classrooms and university lecture rooms.

When standard aluminium framed glass hinged doors are required in a project, it’s not always desirable to upsize the door profile size from 75mm to 120mm, allowing for the thicker glass, as this looks too large in comparison to the door size itself, and the cost for the larger profile is proportionally increased.

Our newly modified DS Series 100mm door stile has been developed to accommodate from 10mm glass up to 13mm Hush glass. This additionally avoids the need to use more costly external joinery systems commonly used for interior door systems.

This recent development has proven to be a more suitable door stile to door size ratio and with thicker glass allowance offering improved acoustic performance — at a lower cost.

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